Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Solid Platform

Help me out: is that a dogface or monkeyface on the governor?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shame on Joe Lieberman

When DFA candidate Christine Cegelis lost the Democratic Primary in IL-6 to Tammy Duckworth, I was one of the loudest voices shaming Christine Cegelis to clearly and unequivically endorse Duckworth. To her credit, Cegelis did.

That's why I'm going to add my two cents about what's going on in Connecticut now, because I don't think we can tell progressives that they are welcome in the Democratic Party as long as they are civil enough to lose, and because I think that if Lieberman follows through on his pledge to run in Connecticut, it will divert progressive resources from Illinois. And if Lieberman should happen to win, it could permanently drive out the new progressives who have been entering the party. Heck, if I was them, I'd start my own party too.

So, let me say it, loud and clear: Shame on Joe Lieberman.

Joe, you lost the primary, fair and square. You had a chance to make your case, your opponent made his, and the voters decided it was time for a change. Your on the wrong side of history, and it's too late to change the outcome of the election. But it's not too late to shape how you'll be remembered in the history books. Show some respect for the process, show some respect for the party you still claim to be a part of, and take your loss like a man.

P.S. Ned Lamont did not polarize America. George Bush, the guy you seem to like so much, did that, everytime he chose the right wing over the mainstream, every time he shut Democrats out of the process. No, Ned Lamont didn't polarize America, but when America was divided into the rightwing and the mainstream, the billionaires and the middle class, the insiders and the political shut-outs, Ned Lamont knew which side he was on. Which side are you on, Joe?