Wednesday, April 02, 2008

House Democrats Shouldn't Take Bait

Rumors abound that Governor Blagojevich and Senate President Emil Jones are cooking up a plan to hook the Illinois House into supporting funding for the Governor's health care plan by baiting the hook with last year's vetoed member initiative projects.

Jones and Blagojevich must think the members of the "lower chamber" are total idiots.

There's absolutely nothing that would prevent Governor Blagojevich from using his veto pen to slash the member initiative projects after the bill passes.

There's absolutely nothing that would prevent the Blagojevich administration from refusing to release the money even after he signed the budget.

The only guarantee Democrats would have is Blagojevich's word. Which is worthless.

Rod Blagojevich is a bully, and you don't negotiate with bullies. You get everyone they've messed with together and teach them a lesson in the schoolyard after school.

So, here's my unsolicited advice to Illinois House Democrats. Since we know we can't trust Rod Blagojevich to keep his word, and he's going to veto House Democratic projects anyway, let's take a stand against pork projects this year. No pork, zero. None for Republicans, none for Senate Democrats, and especially none for the Governor. Let's pass a budget that strips all of those hidden pots of money out of the Governor's office, the travel budget, the advertising budgets, the DCEO grants, etc., etc., etc. Put the money into the school funding formula, and let Emil and Rod slash that if they want.


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