Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Will County Pushes to Execute Retarded Man

From CBS-2's AP Wire:
Will County prosecutors plan to appeal a judge's ruling that a murder defendant is mentally retarded and ineligible for the death penalty....

....Circuit Judge Gerald Kinney ruled last month that Ausby is mentally retarded, meaning he can't be sentenced to death if found guilty. Kinney noted testimony by two psychologists who determined Ausby's IQ to be between 64 and 79.
This is not Will County's first death penalty controversy. During the 2004 elections, State's Attorney Jeff Tomczak was accused of attempting to railroad Kevin Fox in the murder of his daughter, Riley, in the months leading up to the election. Fox confessed after hours of interrogation, but was later exonerated by DNA evidence - evidence which Tomczak sat on through Election Day. Tomczak is now the subject of a lawsuit.

I'm not excusing Ausby's actions -- but I can't explain either the actions of Will County State's Attorney Jeff Glasgow. Life in prison without chance of parole would serve justice, but it apparently doesn't feed Will County's thirst for revenge. God help Will County.


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