Sunday, November 20, 2005

Return of the Jedi?

The (Chicago) Reader's Ben Joravsky provides an in-depth analysis of the Illinois Senate vote to defeat Marty Cohen as ICC Chair.

When Cohen's appointment was announced, reformers felt that same rush audiences felt when Luke Skywalker was bearing down on the Death Star.

Then, they were left speechless when the Empire struck back, hacking his nomination to pieces.

Now, according to Joravsky, the rebels may be organizing a counter-offensive, led by Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, who had this to say about Cohen's likely replacement:

“I don’t know if the senate’s going to muster up the votes to do again what they did to Marty,” says Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn. “It’s a real shame what happened to Marty. I believe he would have made an outstanding chairman. But this is only the opening round.”

It appears there will be political fall-out as well:
Madeline Talbott, executive director of the community group Illinois ACORN, say her organization is spreading word of the Cohen vote in voter registration drives in Hendon’s district.
Illinois ACORN is closely aligned with SEIU, which has roughly 100,000 members in Cook County - 4 out of 5 are African American.


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